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Our mission

Our Preparation

Pole, pole ! Slowly, slowly !

Trek Challenge

The 6 day Machame Trek has a summit success rate of 65% which makes it a great challenge. Kilimajaro is the highest free standing mountain on earth



Please Donate

Robbie and I will be trekking in aid of a little girl in Tanzania. We need your help to provide an education for her and beg you to donate anything you can spare. Every penny counts.       


Risk & Dangers

35% of all summit attempts end in failure. The main danger is altitude sickness which can be life threatening and immediate descent is required. Other showstoppers include sickness & diahorea or ankle or knee injuries which prevent continuation.


Education for Jenifa-Joseph

Help Jenifa

You can see from Jenifa’s information that she is already experiencing a more difficult life compared to 8 year old girls in many many other countries.

Our purpose is to raise enough money to get Jenifa through school for the next 3 years. In addition to the funds raised from climbing Kilimanjaro, we also plan to donate every month for her ongoing improvement in life. You may also wish to do that and you can either contact me through our contact page or to Plan International directly. You may even decide to support another child who can be allocated to you.

As part of our support for Jenifa, we can send letters or photographs through Plan International and she will be able to reciprocate. PLan International will review the content and suitability of all correspondence and do the translations into Swahili when necessary.

While not guaranteed, we will try and visit Jenifa in her village prior to going to Kilimanjaro, so any practical gifts would be welcome and we will do our best to fit these into our luggage allowance.

We appreciate that in these times where migrants are flooding over into Europe that there are many opportunities to support orphaned or under-privileged children but we ask you to please start with Jenifa.

You can donate by clicking here.

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