Ready for trek off?



Summiting takes around 8 hrs starting in the dark at 11pm through to being at Uhuru Peak to see the dawn and then down to Barafu Camp. Without doubt it sounds like the test of all the physical effort preparing for the trek, the ability to cope with altitude and the mental strength to keep going. My logic is below and allows for 1 1/2 hours rest and 6 1/2 hours steep ascent. I can only simulate the physical at sea level.

I found this trek test online and we will adopt it, using it at the end of every month, recording results and striving for improvement through the training programme set out. The step test will prove to be the most relevant as Kilimanjaro is very much a straighter and steeper incline than EBC which is more endurance over time. Training with a 10kg back pack and doing the test with the back pack.

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