Jenifa’s Background & Environment

Jenifa was 8 years old in September 2018. She lives in a rural village in Tanzania not far from Lake Victoria where the nearest source of water is 30 minutes away as is her daily walk to school.

Jenifa speaks very little English and Swahili is her native tongue. She has vaccinations that are up to date and so far has suffered no serious illnesses.

Jenifa no longer lives with her parents and all we know is that her parents left the village at some point and she is now under the guardianship of her aunt.

They live in a house made of mud brick with a corrugated asbestos roof. They use wood for cooking and have a pit latrine as a toilet.



Mwanza area is adjacent to Lake Victoria which ultimately flows into the Victoria Falls on theĀ  Zambia/Zimbabwe border.

Mwanza is about 500km from Kilimanjaro, about 1hr 30m by air.

Tanzania has a population of around 55 million people which is about the same as the UK. It is well known for its game reserves and the famous Serengeti where many tourists come to take part in safaris. Despite avoiding much of the corruption of most African countries, it remains a third world country below the poverty line.


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