I was recommended by a good friend of mine, Derek Linden, to pursue this good cause. He already supports a child through Plan International and Robbie & I agreed that in some ways, this type of support felt more tangible as our effort would be directed at helping one specific child, Jenifa.

Plan International guarantee that 80% of all funding goes directly to the child or project. This seemed a bit low to me and the miserable accountant in me questioned this figure.  I found out that due to child protection issues, every communication has to be vetted and often then translated into local country language hence incurring extra handling and processing and ultimately extra admin cost. So we are all good now !

I also recently spoke to lady, now happily living in USA, who’s family had benefited from Plan International work and clearly she is living proof that all the donations, large or small, do make a difference and positive impact.

Plan International cover worldwide life difficulties mainly in third world or violence torn countries helping across a range of areas such as education, improving skills & work, ending violence, youth activism and sexual health & rights among other activities.

If you wish to find out more about Plan International click here for more information.

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