Learning from EBC

Kilimanjaro is a different animal to Everest Base Camp (EBC). EBC was a long slow trek, an elephant you could say. Kilimanjaro looks more like a giraffe that all of a sudden turns into a cheetah as the sprint to the summit is rapid. You could also say EBC trek is a tortoise and KMJ is the hare.

Seems to me that on KMJ you ascend rapidly inside the last day, going up over a 1000m altitude in just 8 hours whereas EBC was generally 500m per day (net) as the terrain undulated dramatically. Nepali flat was the term used often too much.

EBC had tea houses. KMJ has tents. I suspect KMJ will be bitterly cold for a short period, unlike EBC which was bitterly cold for 2-4 days, most of the remainder being just very cold.

Here’s the video I made of the EBC trek


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