Fail to plan, plan to fail ?

Choosing trek company


Choice of trekking company

I chose Trekking Hero because I liked the layout, the standard of service and more than anything else, I found out early on that they were a sister company of Himalayan Wonders, the company I used for Everest Base Camp Trek. Wonderful people, high safety standards and value for money.



We answer every email in less than 24 hours and you can call us anytime day or night at +1 385-297-0396 whether its just to ask a question or if you need help with a booking you have already made. All we do is organize climbs and safaris. Our internationally based team handles all inquires and everyone of us spends several months a year in Tanzania, has climbed Kilimanjaro and been on safari so your assured of getting knowledgeable first hand advice.


All of our guides work for us full time and have on average 8+ year’s experience either climbing or guiding safaris. All of our guides speak excellent English and are fully certified. (Meet the Team)


We are one of the few companies in Tanzania to get a Wilderness First Aid Certification for all of our climbing guides and safari drivers. Our climbing guides have also attended a special course dealing with acclimatization issues on the mountain. Wilderness Advanced First Aid is comprehensive medical training designed for remote professionals or wilderness leaders who venture into remote and challenging environments.


We have a great success rate on our climbs but the first priority is everyone’s safety. Our guides are all equipped with pulse oximeters and in addition to keeping a close watch of your condition they will take daily readings of your blood oxygen saturation levels. We carry oxygen on every climb but its only to be used to go down the mountain.


We import all of our tents and sleeping bags from the US and we make sure its updated on a regular basis. Tents and sleeping bags are included in the price of every climb and safari.


We carry oxygen on every climb as a safety precaution if someone needs it in the event of an evacuation due to altitude sickness. While its rarely needed it’s nice to know it’s there.


Many companies offer lower priced safaris by offering shared services. This means that you have to wait for other guests coming from different hotels and there are often delays. We only offer private safaris so you can spend as much time on game drives as possible and see exactly what you want. (Joining vs Private Safaris)


Our office is in Moshi at the base of Kilimanjaro. We are fully licensed and run climbs and safaris under our name. (See where we are)



2017 Certificate of Excellence2016 Certificate of ExcellenceLICENSED AND REGISTERED



Well fan @ Base Camp

Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp had been on my bucket list for many years primarily due to being inspired by Bear Gryll’s book, Facing Up. As the photo shows, I may also have been one of a very select few to display the mighty colours of claret & amber of Motherwell Football Club with Everest as a backdrop. 

Making it to the Base Camp and back was physically and mentally exhausting and while often coming in an hour or two after our team of fit people, I was one of the 8 people from the 11 starters that made it back. This inspired me, although AMS on the final day nearly killed me.

In addition, my friend in the church, Adrian Apresto only 34 years old and married, had serious leukemia sickness and was undergoing a life of hell due to giving up his job and having large medical bills. I raised some money for him through the generosity of friends and family but no where near enough the $ 66,000 estimated for a potentially life saving bone marrow transplant. Sadly Adrian passed away towards the end of 2017.


Why Kili? Well, I deemed EBC to be the pinnacle of treks but Kilimanjaro was a higher altitude and a notorious summit night. EBC provided many challenges, endurance being the major one. Before EBC my only trek was half way up Ben Lomond as I loathed walking up hills, so doing a second trek is a major challenge to this old overweight man.


I need a purpose to be fit. I’m basically a person who has a default to be lazy, so by embarking on the Kili trek I’m committing to 6-7 months of training and no beers !

Not going alone

It would have been all to easy to go on my own again but my eldest son Robbie was caught by the trek bug no doubt impressed on him by his uncle, Alan Frame who summited in 2006. Alan was a close friend of mine and an inspiration to me and many others. It will be great experience for both of us together.



Prior to EBC I lost a massive 28kg through constant diet and exercise. The exercise was not over the top as I suffer from high blood pressure.

After EBC I’ve crept up by 23kg and in May when I committed to myself that I’d do Kili, I started dieting and light exercise. From May till now I’ve lost 9kg and face a challenge from now till January next year of getting rid of at least another 25kg. I have sections on diet and training showing the master plan! 


Based on the EBC experience I know that I need to put in much more work on going up inclines. Being heavy is a major burden carrying fat uphill. Being based in Bahrain is another big disadvantage as the terrain is flat as a pancake so now it’s UFC gym’s Stairmaster or my apartment’s real stairs.

The Kili trek is only 6 days, 2 days being Baranco Wall and on to summit night. The EBC trek was 11 days so more emphasis on cardio and stair climbing this time round.

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