Training is everything

The more you put into physical preparation, fitness and muscle memory, the more enjoyable the trek will be. 

Kili trek is meant to be fun and to enjoy the challenge, vistas and changing environment. Just remember that every extra kilo that you take onto the mountain will feel like double as the trek progresses. No pain, no gain, so starting diet and workouts can’t happen too quickly. For Everest Base Camp my training started 3 months before. 

Below is my monthly workout plan for every month until the trek on 13 January 2019. Remember I am a 58 year old overweight man, so the likes of my son Robbie who is joining me, will breeze this workout plan. 

The plan breaks into three time scales; (1) Build up – preparing to get fit (2) Endurance – the hard work (3) Maintenance – maintaining the fitness built up. Finally there are two weeks near the end when “summit simulations” will happen two or three times a week  eg 8 hours of climbing stairs with 1 1/2 hours of break time. 

Very short and limited warm up

Aerobic exercises for cardio

Anaerobic Choice

Building Strength

Monthly Plans

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